Knowledgemill analyses your incoming and outgoing mails and documents to allocate them to a pre defined folder structure. And most of this filing is done automatically. These folders can be set up in your everyday Outlook interface for clients, matters, projects or departments and any emails and documents that pertain to that client or project will drop into the right place as they are sent or received.

This real time record of all documents and emails by client or project can be searched easily and retrieval of the right information takes seconds. So when a client calls and wants an update you just click on their folder in Outlook and see all emails and documents that are relevant to them. If a new member joins the team just give them access to the folder and they can get up to speed quickly. If a member of the team leaves then all their knowledge and expertise is instantly available to the remainder of the team to use. No more requests to IT for access to a leavers mailbox and no missing information as all data needs to be filed somewhere and Knowledgemill ensures it is filed to the right place instantaneously and with little effort.

Knowledgemill automates the process of structuring, sharing, and retrieving emails and documents from anywhere at anytime... without leaving Outlook.


Automatic filing and retrieval of emails and documents


Simply share the most up to date communications and documents

Client Satisfaction

Ensure access to the latest and most relevant information at all times


One source of truth. Always current, easy to search, find and retrieve

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