V5.5 iOS – July 2019

V5.5 iOS – July 2019

Knowledgemill, the leading intelligent machine learning email filing solution announced today the release of version v5.5 of its email/document filing solution for iOS mobile devices.

Version 5.5 builds on the existing full email client which uses the unique machine learning capability to automate the filing of emails and adds several additional functions such as document access and email signature support to allow all documents and emails to be managed ‘on the go’ giving full secure access to a company’s central repository.

Knowledgemill offers our customers an email filing solution which integrates with all open Document Management Systems (DMS) as well as providing a native DMS solution. Users can access their secure central document and email store via Microsoft Outlook, dramatically reducing the time it takes to file and search for emails and documents, typically saving at least an hour a day for each member of staff.


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