Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Public Folders to help your move to the Cloud?

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Public Folders to help your move to the Cloud?


The increasing rise in the volume of organisations email** means email platforms need to do more than just send and receive. Many companies use Microsoft Public Folders for email collaboration which have been available in Microsoft Exchange since Exchange 2003. I am now seeing many of those same organisations finding it difficult to move to 365 because of Public Folder performance challenges. In my experience of working with clients across many industries, I can see using these enterprise email applications (Exchange/Outlook) is not always the best option for email collaboration.


Finding a replacement for Public Folders is not an easy or straightforward job as the wrong decision can delay a move to ‘the cloud’ and can seriously impact a company’s operational efficiency and customer service. This can create business issues and result in the loss of revenue, regulatory or legal issues because emails cannot be found.


Whilst on-boarding new clients at Knowledgemill it has become clear to me that Outlook Public Folders are outdated and underpowered for today’s business needs. I have been assisting companies resolve this issue by replacing their Public Folder implementation with Knowledgemills Email and Document Filer which provides an alternative with all the required capability, features and usability needed by today’s business world.


Knowledgemill uses powerful, unique algorithms to automatically file 80% of an organisations emails. It is easy to use – The Knowledgemill solution provides a user-friendly front end from desktop Outlook, Mobile and a 365 web browser with a powerful easy to use search capability. Users also benefits from a single Customer view which means all client related emails stored centrally in full and in real time. Knowledgemill is also fully automated and stores a copy of every single email into one set of shareable folders ensuring you never lose another email (up to 80% automatically). I can relax knowing that everything is filed and is therefore capable of being found.


The increased capability of Knowledgemill combined with the fact that their solution is fully integrated with Microsoft’s 365 including SharePoint and the ease of migration ensures that the Knowledgemill email filer is best in its class. With many satisfied clients thoughout the world across many industries, why look for another alternative to Microsoft Public Folders to help you move to the cloud? For more information please email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 203 307 1208


By Kevin Baker,  CEO, Knowledgemill

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