Support For Working Away From The Office

Support For Working Away From The Office

Remote working is not a trend – it’s here to stay.


26% of Brits plan to continue to work from home permanently or occasionally after lockdown.


Over 75% of a company’s data is typically contained in email.  Therefore it’s vital that you never lose another email and can find any email fast.


Knowledgemill Mail Manager is changing the way Professional Services organisations manage emails by allowing them to search through millions of automatically indexed filed emails in seconds, reducing risk and ensuring compliance, whilst benefiting from increased productivity and greater collaboration using our AI-powered platform.



There is a need for email platforms to do more than just send and receive. In professional services organisations, email has become the de facto means of communication between all parties involved in the business (including customers, company staff and suppliers). Documents are often shared by email. Requirements, instructions and change requests can be delivered by email. Discussions are conducted by email and decisions recorded in them.


Despite its unwavering value in the business world – helping employees to work together and processes to function smoothly across departments, companies, geographies, locations and time zones – email can remain a burden on both users and IT organisations. Worse, if improperly managed, stored, and disposed of, email puts businesses at risk. The risk-in legal liability, productivity, and cost increases with the volumes of email sent and received. The harsh reality that organisations are dealing with today is ‘The more email we save, the greater our corporate cost and risk’.


Knowledgemill provides all the support required for remote working. Knowledgemill Mail Manager automates the complex process of filing and simplifies searching for emails, attachments and documents across your entire organisation by securely storing all data into one central database. Relax in the knowledge that you will never lose an email or document again, saving valuable time with instant access to all important and relevant data at the click of a button anywhere and at any time.

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