Latest Tech Trend In The Construction Industry

Latest Tech Trend In The Construction Industry

Design and construction of buildings is complicated, over time projects add more complexity. This can lead to email administration overload.

Knowledmill Mail Manager is changing the way construction organisations manage emails by allowing them to search through millions of automatically indexed filed emails in seconds, reducing risk, insuring compliance, whilst benefiting from increased productivity and greater collaboration using our AI-powered platform.

Knowledmill Mail Manager solves the following challenges in the construction industry

  • Disputes in construction are all too common and building a claim/defense can take hours and hours of effort, which can be demoralizing for all involved.
  • How can you ensure that you are installing to the most up-to-date set of drawings, using the right version of a document and/or have the correct design changes?  The impact of incorrect installations can cost thousands.
  • Can you be certain that you have captured and priced all variations?  Missing variations has a direct impact on your profitability.
  • How do you ensure continuity if a member of staff leaves?  The risk is that critical emails become inaccessible when a mailbox is closed which can be very costly.
  • How easy is it for your site-based staff and remote workers to access full and up-to-date information?  Inability to access information causes frustration and can lead to mistakes which often proves to be expensive.
  • Can you be 100% confident that you have found everything you are looking for? Maybe you end up asking colleagues or having to search other mailboxes, using up even more valuable time.
  • With job/project related emails being spread across multiple user mailboxes, how quickly can you establish the full and most up-to-date position?  Performing multiple searches in multiple mailboxes wastes a vast amount of time.
  • You’ve been asked to carry out some remedial works but how easy is it to go back and check whether you carried out the works in the first place?  Rectifying problems caused by others can be very expensive.
  • Outlook has size limits. An email received by 5 people is stored 5 times which then increases storage capacity and cost. It also means that mailboxes become quickly cluttered, making it even harder to search and find information.


Automated fi­ling has cut down the need at Jerram Falkus for people to spend time fi­ling emails. Better still, it dramatically reduces the time spent looking for emails or asking colleagues for information or forwarding and cc’ing – every email from every one and every attachment to a particular case is gathered together in a folder in Outlook, which is easy to scan by eye or search and ­filter.


Knowledgemill Mail Manager automates the complex process of filing and simplifies searching for emails, attachments and documents across your entire organisation by securely storing all data into one central database. Relax in the knowledge that you will never lose an email or document again, saving valuable time with instant access to all important and relevant data at the click of a button anywhere and at any time.

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