Ulstrup Plast ‘go live’

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Ulstrup Plast ‘go live’

Knowledgemill the leading intelligent machine learning email filing solution announced today that Ulstrup Plast has implemented Knowledgemill Mail Manager as a replacement for their existing Public Folders solution. For more than 60 years, Ulstrup Plast has been a leading player in the plastics industry. Based in Denmark, Ulstrup Plast excels in the production of high-quality plastics and molds.

Today, with a strong fiscal foundation and factories in both Denmark and Slovakia, Ulstrup Plast is a full-line supplier of complete plastic and mold solutions. They handle the entire process, from initial sketches and the production of molds to the injection molding process and the assembly and delivery of the finished and packaged products.

At Knowledgemill, we offer an AI-powered mail management solution specifically for Outlook users which solves all of the Public Folder drawbacks while also providing a complete email management solution.

Knowledgemill Mail Manager automates the complex process of filing and simplifies searching for emails, attachments and documents across your entire organisation by securely storing all data into one central database. Relax in the knowledge that you will never lose an email or document again, saving valuable time with instant access to all important and relevant data at the click of a button anywhere and at any time.


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