How I solved the email management problem

How I solved the email management problem

Working as a CIO, one of the challenges I frequently experienced was implementing document management systems (ie Opentext, SharePoint, M-Files, etc.). While such systems are good at managing documents they are weak when it comes to email management

To support each area of a business, documents and email correspondence need to be stored in a central data area (or Common Data Environment). However, relying on business users to maintain good email filing discipline can be problematical.  A lack of user consistency when filing, can compromise project management; customer service, increase the risk of losing money during litigation or un-invoiced revenue, or simply just waste lots of valuable user time filing emails or searching for email content.   

What was needed to solve such challenges was to combine an intelligent email filing capability, with the existing document management system. I found this in Knowledgemill.  It has reinforced my view of the importance of having an automated/intelligent email management capability to support business. 

At Knowledgemill I have been working with many professional services companies from construction, legal and accounting to unlock the value of email and document content. Knowledgemill supports the business to bridge content silos and drive insights, efficiencies, automation and governance.

A good example of this is with a global accounting firm who are using Knowledgemill and their selected document management system to create a Common Data Area for emails and documents, kept up-to-date in real time. With seamless ‘out of the box’ integration, these documents and emails can be seen and used in their Sales system, their accounting system and their legal system to provide support for all their business processes.

I would be pleased to demonstrate/discuss how Knowledgemill can help your business, explain the system in more detail and show how Knowledgemill could help your organisation.  Click on the link for further details.

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