How Knowledgemill solves the Public Folder Challenge

How Knowledgemill solves the Public Folder Challenge

Outlook Public Folders are an outdated and underpowered tool that may cause a number of organisational challenges and poor performance when moving to Office 365 or as the number of users increases. With only manual filing available there is sole dependency on the diligence / compliance of the individual users filing every email. Rather than saving time, time is wasted as it is more difficult to find information and with no de-duplication or compression of emails there is no saving on storage space. 

A further major challenge which cannot be solved by Public Folders is the need for emails and documents to be available in real-time to support each area of the organisation. The information embedded in emails and documents needs to be at hand to support the business Sales, Customer Service, Risk, Compliance, suppliers, etc. This is not fully possible when using Public Folders.

Knowledgemill provides an intelligent machine learning email filing system that works seamlessly as part of Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 or Exchange) and integrates with the document management system of your choice or the native Knowledgemill DMS.  It also provides a full filing capability for iPhones, iPads and Android phones and provides a well proven migration path from Public Folders to Knowledgemill. Knowledgemill can also be used to provide one quick single powerful search across emails and documents.

At Knowledgemill we have been working with many organisations to solve their operational email management problems, Legal firms, construction firms, accounting firms or professional services organisations. Please click on the link to find out more.  I would be pleased to demonstrate/discuss how Knowledgemill can help your business, explain the system in more detail and show how Knowledgemill could help your organisation. 

Kevin has been successfully delivering technology solutions to companies for over 30 years both on the buying and selling side of a number of blue chip organisations, e.g. with Deloitte or as a CIO/COO.

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