How to save the business money when moving to Microsoft 365

How to save the business money when moving to Microsoft 365

Moving to Microsoft 365 can be a complex challenge. There is countless advice available on how to plan and execute a move technically but very little to explain how to clean up your email stores (Inboxes, PST’s, Public Folders, etc.) to ensure your users get the best possible user experience after the move to Microsoft 365 and that you keep control of the ongoing associated cost of storage. Scattered and unstructured data significantly increases the likelihood of increasing the email management cost when moving to Microsoft 365.

Typically email is distributed in a large number of email silos which can include user Inboxes, departments emails stores, PST files, old email from staff who have left, Public Folders, etc. In addition, user inboxes can dramatically differ is size and structure particularly when using Outlook Folders. If an email management problem is migrated to 365 it will only become a bigger problem with increased costs.

At a high level the transition can be broken into a number of different areas:

  • Planning the best approach for your organisation  – probably the most important stage of the project
  • Removing email duplication – this can save a huge amount of space and therefore cost
  • Deleting unnecessary emails from users inboxes and other email data stores – the challenge here is agreeing an approach with the business users which can include changing the mindset of keeping everything ‘just in case’
  • Creating a well-organised central email database – this will make the move to 365 as trouble-free as possible.

Knowledgemill provides an intelligent machine learning email filing system that works seamlessly as part of Office 365 or on premise Exchange and will make your move to Microsoft 365 as effortless as possible. It can be used to create a single set of email data that is ready to move to Microsoft 365 by ingesting all emails from current sources, remove duplication, deleting unwanted emails automatically based on your organisation’s data policies and ensuring all company data retention and security rules are respected.

At Knowledgemill we have been working with many organisations to solve their operational email management problems, Legal firms, construction firms, accounting firms or professional services organisations. Please click on the link to find out more.  I would be pleased to demonstrate/discuss how Knowledgemill can help your business, explain the system in more detail and show how Knowledgemill could help your organisation. 

Kevin has been successfully delivering technology solutions to companies for over 30 years both on the buying and selling side of a number of blue chip organisations, e.g. with Deloitte or as a CIO/COO.

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