Combining Knowledgemill Mail Manager with OpenText’s Extended ECM for complete document and email management

Ecm For Complete Email Management

Combining Knowledgemill Mail Manager with OpenText’s Extended ECM for complete document and email management

The amount of information stored by businesses is growing exponentially and it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring under control.  In particular, the explosion of email puts pressure on IT, end users, legal and security departments.

For document management control, OpenText’s Extended Enterprise Content Management suite (Extended ECM) bridges information silos, improves processes, reduces risk and strengthens governance.

Adding Knowledgemill Mail Manager to Extended ECM suite will guarantee all business emails are captured and stored alongside documents in the business workspace gaining full control of your data. Processes are improved by bridging email and document content silos.  By securely storing all data into one central database and using AI technology, the complex process of filing emails is automated and searching (emails / attachments / documents) across your entire organisation is simplified.

Unlocking the critical information in email content drives insights, efficiencies, automation and governance. Business workspaces are provided with a complete set of email correspondence and documents which can be made available to all of the business systems (e.g. Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office, etc.) in support of every business department (Sales, Finance, Customer Support, Operations, and so on.)

Knowledgemill Mail Manager with OpenText’s Extended ECM will:

  • Provide comprehensive ECM services
  • Tie processes and information together in business workspaces, including:
    • Business content from Extended ECM
    • Business data from business applications
  • Deeply connect data, relations, and roles
  • Ensure all metadata is automatically applied, adding context
  • Seamlessly integrate with your business systems

The IT department can reduce costs by more efficiently managing and storing email messages with their attachments. Users see the potential of greater productivity and collaboration with email management. Ultimately though it’s the legal and security departments that have the biggest incentive. More than any other group, the legal and security departments are responsible for reducing the risk and cost that mismanaged email represents for the business. With Knowledgemill Mail Manager, you can relax in the knowledge that you will never lose an email or document again, saving valuable time with instant access to all important and relevant data at the click of a button, anywhere and at any time.

Knowledgemill Mail Manager 

Knowledgemill are an OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) partner. The OpenText SolEx Program extends OpenText product capabilities by leveraging partner technologies. Sold and supported by OpenText, these combined products create complete solutions that meet even the most demanding customer needs.

At Knowledgemill we have been working with many organisations to solve their operational email management problems. Legal firms, construction firms, accounting firms, governments, or professional services organisations.  Click on the link to find out more.     We would be pleased to demonstrate/discuss how Knowledgemill works with your existing systems and how it could help your organisation.

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