High quality loss adjusting & forensic accounting
ASL supply high quality loss adjusting, forensic accounting and other claims related professional services in the insurance sector. Their clients are usually Insurers or their legal advisers.

ASL undertakes detailed claims investigations and quantum assessments and can act as expert witnesses in areas where they have relevant expertise. They also carry out technical audits and often participate in mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

ASL has their head office ion London and a Latin America office in Mexico City but work all over the world, handling assignments in nearly 100 countries.

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As a leading loss adjuster ASL have teams of professionals working across multiple clients, who need to collaborate and share information. Often, one director can be working on a number of projects and with different loss adjusters on each project. Collaboration and sharing of emails and documents was beginning to become difficult. If a projects team member did not cc or forward all emails to all members of the team then often those communications would not be visible to all parties.

If a member of the team left, of was out of the office, then other members would need to get IT help to access their colleague’s Inbox.

…easy to use central repository for all our case related email and documents

To compound the problem, people filed information in different ways. Emails relating to clients were held in silos in individual’s mailboxes assuming they had been filed electronically at all. Secretaries at ASL has to spend time finding the communications that were relevant to each job across numerous inboxes. In addition, all emails were printed and put on file to ensure a complete record for each job, but this proved time consuming and expensive.

As Jackie Daly, ASL’s Finance Director explains, “Our directors and loss adjusters work across multiple jobs and spend most of their time in Outlook, so we were after an easy to use central repository for all our case related email and documents”.


  • Potentially incomplete electronic case records.
  • Difficulty in collaborating on cases.
  • Time consuming email and document filing and retrieval.

  • Knowledgemill Mail Manager
  • Knowledgemill Document Manager

  • Time Saving and Efficiency
  • Better client service
  • A full record for compliance


The objective was to have an up to date virtual file for each case. All of the ASL team now use Knowledgemill within Outlook to be able to file and retrieve all of their case related emails and documents, ensuring complete records are kept and accessible to the team. Knowledgemill Mail Manager and Document Manager integrates with ASL’s case management technology so as soon as ASL are given instructions on a job a case folder is automatically created in Knowledgemill’s filing structure and the team can begin to automatically file. Now, electronic case records for every client are full and complete and contain all emails and documents that can be shared by all relevant team members. No one forgets to file as the default settings in Knowledgemill Mail Manager ensure that all emails are filed in the right place as the team send and receive. Knowledgemill’s integration into Word, PowerPoint and Excel also ensures that documents are saved to the right location quickly and easily.

Documents and emails are held side by side ensuring that none of the commentary that email provides around the documents is missed.


Working more effectively as a team – the team at ASL with the right authorization use the same client folders. Everyone is completely up-to-date at all times, and use the same definitive document versions, without ever having to copy or forward to colleagues. Jackie comment s that ‘Knowledgemill makes collaboration easy!’

Impressing clients by always being well- informed – whether it’s taking a query for a colleague or providing relationship continuity over holidays or staff changes, every member of the team can see exactly the latest communication thread and pick up on it.

Saving time and effort – Jackie is delighted with the change. ‘Knowledgemill’s automated filing has cut down the need at ASL for people to spend time filing emails.We must save at least 30% of the time it took to file and search. Better still, it dramatically reduces the time spent looking for emails or asking colleagues for information or forwarding and cc’ing’ – every email from everyone, every attachment and every document relating to a particular case is gathered together in a folder in Outlook.

Knowledgemill Mail Manager works intuitively just like a part of Outlook, filing is mostly automatic, users have no problem learning to use it

Maintaining complete records – ASL now keep a comprehensive record of all electronic communication, classified and stored by client and case. This is great for regulatory compliance, internal process compliance, management overview and client confidence.

Simplicity of adoption – introducing 100% compulsory filing and a management information system would normally be pretty traumatic but ASL had no problem. ‘Because Knowledgemill works intuitively just like a part of Outlook, and because filing is mostly automatic, users have no problem learning to use it and there is little cultural change’.

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