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Market leader in the music industry
Russells is widely regarded as a market leader in the music industry and was the inaugural winner of the Music Week Awards law firm of the year 2017. The firm is, however, also now recognised as an all-round entertainment and media practice.
With over forty five years in practice, their reputation has been built upon their professionalism and detailed knowledge of the markets in which they operate.

Russells was established in Soho in April 1974 and, as of January 2018, relocated to the former Radio One building, Yalding House on Great Portland Street. They have expanded substantially over the years to include Corporate, Family & Matrimonial, Employment, Immigration, Property (Commercial and Private), Wills, Probate & Trust and Digital Media and Technology Departments as well as in all areas of media, entertainment and leisure including music, sport, e-commerce, digital media and technology, theatre, television and film.

Russells Solicitors


As a specialist entertainment and media firm, Russells has teams of professionals supporting a number of different clients who need to collaborate and share information using email and documents.

Russells had implemented a case management solution (Partner from Tikit) which managed all documents but was not easy to search for email correspondence leading to emails being stored in several locations and making it different to answer customer telephone queries immediately. Russells undertook a review of the case management solutions available in the market and decided the best solution for their business was Partner for document management integrated with Knowledgemill for email management. This provided the users with a solution that could be embedded in Outlook and reduce email filing time.

This created a solution that is intelligent, automatic and could be tailored to Russell’s specific business requirements and client / matter filing structure. A solution that reduces mailbox clutter and removes the need to store emails in multiple locations.


The main objectives were to create a single set of email and document folders that supported Russell’s business – allowing users to find and file emails quickly and create a single central client / matter store shareable by all staff.

The Knowledgemill team migrated, indexed, de-duplicated and compressed all emails from the existing Partner email store after which emails from individual Outlook folders and public folders were added to create a complete central set of client / matter files.

Knowledgemill provides a solution that can be used by business users from Microsoft Outlook to file and retrieve all of their client related emails. Email filing is mandatory and automated allowing business users to ‘file as they go’, reducing email filing time.

As Georgie Heatley IT / Office Manager, explained “Knowledgemill met Russell’s business requirements for email filing and importantly integrated seamlessly with Outlook and Partner to create a single central client / matter file making it easy to find filed emails”


  • Time-consuming manual email filing and retrieval
  • No single source of all client / matter email correspondence
  • Difficult client / matter collaboration with emails stored in several different locations
  • Difficult to search and find email correspondence
The Benefits

  • A single source of documents and email correspondence
  • Client / matter files up-to-date in real time
  • Operational efficiently – Significantly reduced time for searching and finding email correspondence
  • An intelligent / automated email filing solution
    Confident of providing customer enquires with latest information
The Solution

  • Use Knowledgemill Mail Manager integrated with Tikit’s Partner solution to create a single central repository for client / matter emails and documents
  • Access all client / matter files from Microsoft Outlook or Partner
  • File ‘as you go’ client / matter files up- to-date and in real time
  • Migration of all existing emails into the appropriate client / matter files


A structured set of client /matter folders in that are easy to access, find emails and are up-to-date in real time.

The ability to work more effectively as a team with collaboration made easy – staff can see the latest communication thread in real time and pick up on it without having to copy or forward to colleagues.

Saving time and effort – Russell’s is pleased with how Knowledgemill’s automated, intelligent Mail Manager has cut down the time spent by staff filing emails, searching for client correspondence, asking colleagues for information or forwarding and cc’ing every email.

Maintaining complete records – Russell’s now keeps a comprehensive record of all electronic communication, classified and stored by client / matter, which is up-to-date in real time.

Simplicity of adoption – because Knowledgemill Mail Manager works intuitively as part of Microsoft Outlook, and because filing is mostly automatic, there is little cultural change. Users have no problem learning to use it.


  • Improve corporate collaboration
  • Increase corporate productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Ensure corporate compliancy

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