Knowledgemill automates the process of organising, sharing, and retrieving emails and documents from anywhere at any time.
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Email can be filed into Knowledgemill from any mobile device. Knowledgemill automatically synchronises a user’s Knowledgemill folder structure into their mailbox. Moving emails into a synced folder on the mobile device, using the device’s standard email app, files the message into the Knowledgemill system.

The Knowledgemill iOS App allows Apple iPhone and iPad users to access their Knowledgemill filed emails and managed documents seamlessly on the device. The App includes the same rich preview technology as the Knowledgemill Outlook Add-In and integrates seamlessly with the device’s native email application when replying to or forwarding on a message.

Key mobile features

Automatic Folder

sync Allows users to file email from their mailbox into Knowledgemill, from any mobile device.

Access on the move

Full access to filed email and managed documents in Knowledgemill

View any document

Rich preview capability for emails and documents, supporting thousands of file types.

Caching and offline access

Ability to cache email on the device for performance and off-line access.


Powerful search capability over cached content and the KM Server.

Delegated filing

A user with delegated access to another user’s email in Outlook can also file email into Knowledgemill on behalf of that user.

Mobile device management

Compatible with all Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions.

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