Teamwork. All successful companies possess it.

Knowledgemill is designed for teams to share emails and documents turning unstructured individual data into valuable structured company assets. Client, project, marketing, sales, finance or HR data is most likely your organisations most precious asset and your employees can work anywhere through any device to edit, update and review all of this data with access through Outlook. It is always real time so as you send and receive, the emails and documents are filed automatically and instantly available for all those with the required permissions to access, search and retrieve in a secure and backed up environment.

We all know how to use Outlook and spend most of our working day with it open on our screen in front of us. Knowledgemill sits inside your standard Outlook interface and is simple and quickly to learn and use. In fact most of our clients are up and running on the system within minutes using Outlook as a central repository for all of their data.

Knowledgemill Filer™ allows you to work seamlessly across devices, locations and teams – letting you share the most up to date communications and documents securely

Work Anywhere

Team can work anywhere through any device to edit, update and review all emails and documents

Up to date

Up to date in real time, backed up and secure

Safe & Secure

Outlook becomes central repository for all users.

Shared Visibility

Shared visibility of data ensures no duplication

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