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Different to a legacy document management solution
document management

There are a lot of good document management systems on the market that allow documents to be filed and retrieved a in structured fashion. Often they are time-consuming to use and do not include all emails and documents in one view that can be searched and retrieved simply.

Knowledgemill ensures that all emails and documents are held together in a simple format so that the commentary around the documents is provided in full. Nothing is ever missing due to the automatic filing nature of the technology and you never need to leave the interface that you work in for most of the day – Outlook.

Knowledgemill has a number of advantages over traditional document management systems

All information about each client or project is held in one view in one place

You can access it instantly in any order that you like.

Nothing Is Missed

Knowledgemill ensures that everything is filed automatically in the right place as you send or receive or close a document.

Up to date

Real time and provides a single source of truth for a document or a specific version.

Filing is simple and quick

Emails are filed automatically and documents are filed with one click.

Straightforward versioning

Knowledgemill provides simple version control capabilities, and you don’t have to create versions if you do not want to.

Integration with other systems is simple

Just click the tabs in Outlook to share or send.

Quick and easy to setup

Quick and easy to setup Simple implement and doesn’t require heavy server infrastructure. Consume Knowledgemill from the Cloud, or an on-premise virtual appliance. Be up and running in hours.


Cost-effective Compared to the old school legacy DMS providers, we're an all-in cost. A practical and easy to use system designed and set up for you.

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