Knowledgemill Mail Manager for Construction

We are changing the way construction organisations manage emails by allowing them to search through millions of automatically indexed filed emails in seconds, reducing risk, insuring compliance, whilst benefiting from increased productivity and greater collaboration using our AI-powered platform.

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    How we help the construction industry

    Design and construction of buildings is complicated, over time projects add more complexity. This can lead to email administration overload.
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    Increase Productivity
     How often have you suffered from searching for a project file in an avalanche of information? Silos of inaccessible emails held in each user’s Outlook mailbox can cause inefficiency and confusion.
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    Improve Client Service
    How much time is wasted searching and retrieving emails and documents. Are you ever 100% sure you have found all relevant emails and information to enable you to answer a client’s question fully?
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    Reduce Risk
    Has work ever been executed on out-of-date plans? Scattered and unstructured email data increases chances of using out-of-date information, the impact of which can be disruptive and damaging to your organisation.
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    Improve Staff Morale
    Are your members of staff receiving a significant number of emails a day? Do they have all relevant information at their fingertips. Are they being unnecessarily cc’d into emails? Inefficient email administration can lead to members of your team with unduly increasing stress levels.
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    Reduce Costly Delays
    Have you ever had costly delays because an RFI was not answered or a submittal is held up in review? Have you ever missed a milestone and not been paid on time? Have you experience project delays? Poor email management can be costly to your organisation.


    Get our industry resources.
    MSA Consulting
    Learn how Knowledgemill Mail Manager improved productivity at MSA using intelligent automation.


    APP Corporation
    How APP created a single, secure, easy to use central repository for documents and emails


    Latest Whitepaper
    Read our latest Whitepaper on ‘Taking The Cost & Risk Out Of Email Management’.


    WRT Planning & Design
    Mail Manager is tailored to WRT’s specific business requirements and project file structure.


    What our customers say

    “We are delighted with how Knowledgemill’s automated, intelligent Mail Manager has cut down the time spent by staff filing emails, asking colleagues for information or forwarding and cc’ing every email.”

    Mr Smith (Head of Operations MSA Consulting)

    Our construction customers

    Discover where Knowledgemill Mail Manager has made a difference in the architect, engineering and the construction industry.
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    MSA Consulting is the premier Planning, Civil Engineering and Surveying firm in Southern California’s Coachella Valley. A large multi-services firm that has teams of professionals working on a number of projects for clients that collaborate and share information using email. MSA Consulting is heavily reliant on the use of email for business interaction.

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    APP Corporation is an integrated property and infrastructure consultancy offering services across all phases of the capital investment life-cycle. APP wanted to create a single central repository for documents and emails: a repository that is secure, easy to use and supports the management of large volumes of daily project email correspondence.

    Read APP Corporation Case Study »

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    Email has become the de facto means of communication between all parties involved in construction projects. Documents and drawings are shared by email. Requirements, instructions and change requests are delivered by email. Discussions are conducted by email and decisions recorded in them.

    Read Jerram Falkus Case Study »

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