Are you looking for a replacement for Outlook Public Folders?

Are you delayed moving to 365 because of slow Public Folders performance?

Are large mailboxes stopping you moving to 365?

Currently many companies use Microsoft Public Folders for email collaboration which have been available in Microsoft Exchange since Exchange 2003, many of those same organisations are finding it difficult to move to 365 because of the Public Folder performance challenges.
At Knowledgemill, we offer an AI-powered mail management solution specifically for Outlook users which solves all of the Public Folder drawbacks while also providing a complete email management solution.

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    Store both sides of all conversations both sent and received.

    We know people don’t file consistently to Public Folders meaning there’s a risk of information getting lost. Knowledgemill Mail Manager ensures 80% of your organisation’s email correspondence Is automatically filed inside folders, located in the location of the customer’s choice (both on-premise or to a cloud storage system) and indexed in real-time. This incredible feature allows every member of your organisation to work seamlessly across devices, locations and teams — letting you share the most up to date communications and documents securely. Every member of the organisation can resolve issues and make informed decisions- without having to move the underlying file or change the infrastructure.

    AI Powered Smart Prompting Ensures Everyone Files Consistently

    You’re reliant on staff to manually file emails with Public Folders, however people don’t, resulting in inconsistent filing. With Knowledgemill If the email is not auto-filed, then the user is given suggested locations based on previous learned filing behaviour. Emails filed by one person are shown to be filed for all other recipients (i.e. only requires one person to file for multiple recipients).

    Knowledgemill Mail Manager also has the unique feature of a mandatory filing option to give confidence 100% of correspondence is being captured.

    Powerful Search so you do not have to waste time digging through historic emails

    An enormous amount of time is wasted searching and retrieving emails and documents and folders are hard to search – you can only search project by project, not across everything. So, for example, if you wanted to see all emails from a particular supplier / client across all projects you can’t, and it’s very slow. People must use an Outlook search, meaning they often just rely on what’s in their inbox.

    Having a well organised central email and document storage system that is up-to-date in real-time and allows staff to cut through the deluge of emails and documents in seconds can make a huge economic impact to operational efficiency and company bottom line. Our users typically save up to 2 hours a day as they experience a complete central set of business emails organised according to your unique business requirements which are easy to search, find and retrieve in seconds. Find out more (text in bold below to open in new window)

    Reduce Storage Costs and Declutter

    Knowledgemill Mail Manager will reduce your organisation’s storage costs. Our powerful unique algorithms removes duplicates of each and every email ensuring that that each email is securely stored once only.  Our users typically experience an 85% decrease in storage costs.

    Historic email data can be migrated from its current location (e.g. Public Folders, Outlook folders, .pst files, etc.) to Knowledgemill Mail Manager. This is an automated process that will de-duplicate, index and compress the historic email data taking advantage of the 1:15 reduction in storage requirement, creating a central repository of organised email data which can be used to support your business operation.

    Ensure Data Security

    Public folders are becoming more and more difficult to lock down with permissions, and Microsoft is making it harder because they have said they are going to take away all support and want people to move away from them.

    Knowledgemill provides a fully secure and flexible security model that can be set for groups of staff or to an individual user level. Where Activity Directory is used Knowledgemill will use the security groups provided by Active Directory as a starting point.

    If anything happens with Outlook and you haven’t backed it up, you’ll lose them. Emails being moved from Public Folders at the end of a project into PST files on the server are easily corrupted.

    With Knowledgemill your data is fully secure, with Knowledgemill you never lose another email or document. The Knowledgemill data becomes part of a customer back-up processes and/or Disaster Recovery set-up.

    Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance

    All data filed by Knowledgemill Mail Manager is still owned by you. We do not ‘own’ your data – it continues to be filed to your existing setup so you retain control of your most critical asset.

    Recent corporate scandals have triggered a new wave of legislation aimed at increasing the transparency of business practices. Knowledgemill Mail Manager will reduce the cost of audit and compliance by simplifying and streamlining the entire process. Knowledgemill Mail Manager provides a completely transparent online record of business, customer and supplier information processed via email, ensures corporate compliance of data protection rules and GDPR.

    Knowledgemill also has the unique feature of mandatory filing to give you 100% confidence that your correspondence is captured.

    Complimentary to Your Infrastructure with Easy Deployment and No Disruption to Your Organisation

    Email history is included on ‘day one’. Knowledgemill Mail Manager is a light application that doesn’t require changes or disruption to your existing IT setup or a complicated install process or downtime.

    Easy to migrate historic emails using Folder Sync (set-up a sync between Outlook folders and KM workspaces), conversation filer and public folder migration too.

    The same powerful search when integrated with a third party solution – If Knowledgemill Mail Manager is integrated with a third party Doc Management solution (e.g. SharePoint) or native Knowledgemill Document Manager, the Advanced Search function will search all documents as well as emails.

    Knowledgemill Mail Manager can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise as required. Our Simple Outlook plug-in makes Knowledge Mail Manager extremely user friendly to users with no visible change to your system.

    The Knowledgemill expert team are always on hand 24/7 to support your organisation and Training is available from our dedicated experts if needed.

    Available on all devices

    Not able to search emails on your phone in Public Folders if they are over a few months old. Knowledgemill Mail Manager works with IOS,Android and MS Windows on any device, allowing you to enjoy standardised (set and controlled by you) email filing on all projects, whether in the office or on the move. This feature is particularly useful for members of your organisation who are working remotely and those who are often located at project sites or meeting clients externally.
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    What our customers say

    “With its introduction of Knowledgemill Mail Manager, RPA has automated the management case-related emails from cradle to grave. complying with regulatory and client requirements for data retention.”

    Mr Smith (Head of Operations CMS Consulting)

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    Case Study: Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC

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    Case Study: MSA Consulting

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    Knowledgemill Public Folders Whitepaper

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