Quick Guide to Knowlegemill Email Filer

Getting Started

Knowledgemill Folder Tree

The KM tree is located in the bottom left-hand corner of your Outlook view.

Click on the Knowledgemill bar to view the fold- er tree. The top part of the tree is a list of folders organised by ‘Recent Workspaces’ and ‘Favourite Workspaces’. Folder can have sub- folders within them

The ‘Private Workspaces’ is a set of Workspaces and folders which are used to file all non-job related emails & correspondence to. Only you can access this area. It’s broken down into 3 folders Garbage, Office and Personal.

Knowledgemill Menu

The Knowledgemill ribbon menu is located in the top right-hand corner of the Outlook ribbon.

Email Filer 03

Add Columns

  • Two additional folders are added to your Out- look view, the Filed and Context columns.
  • Once an email is filed a tick will shows in the filed column
  • The filed location is shown in the Context column

Filing emails

There are several options for filing emails. Like in Outlook you can select individual or multiple emails to file.

File Email Button

  • Highlight emails in the Outlook email list by using the SHIFT or CTRL key
  • Click on ‘File Email’ button Right Click Menu

Right Click Menu

  • Highlight emails in the Outlook email list by using the SHIFT or CTRL key
  • Right click & select ‘File Email’ Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

  • Highlight emails in the Outlook email list by using the SHIFT or CTRL key
  • Holding the right button of the mouse down on drag the mouse over the folder you which to file to
  • Let go of the mouse once the folder is highlighted

File Folder

  • Highlight the Outlook folder you wish to file
  • Right click & select File Folder from the menuSelect the folder you wish to file to
  • Click OK

Searching Folders

There are several ways to open & view folders. An easy way is to add a folder to your favourites in the KM tree.

Search & Add folder from KM Tree

  • Highlight ‘Favourite Workspaces’ within your tree.
  • Right click & select ‘Find & Add to favourites’
  • Enter either the folder name or code
  • Click search
  • Click OK

Find Workspaces

  • Click on the Quick Lookup button
  • Enter either the context name or code
  • Click Find
  • Check the box to open multiple contexts
  • Right the click & select ‘Add to Favourites’ to add your tree
  • Click OK.

Email Filer 04

Quick Open

If you know the context code you can use the Quick Open. Enter the context code. Hit the tab or enter key on the keyboard.

Searching & Filtering Emails

There are several ways to search the content of a context. Both the Simple and Advanced searches will search the content of emails, attachments & managed documents.

Simple Search

  • Enter the criteria in to the Search field
  • Click on the magnifying glass
  • To search the content filed outside of the selected context. Click on the drop down & select ‘All Workspaces’.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search gives the ability to perform a more detailed search.

  • Enter the From, To and CC for specific
  • sender/s or recipient/s
  • Enter a Subject
  • To search on the content enter working in to the Full Text field
  • To narrow down the results select a Date Range
  • To show emails with attachments only select ‘Only Search Emails With Attachments’
  • To widen your search outside of the con- text select the radio ‘Global’ in the Search Scope
  • Click on the Search

Email Filer 05

Quick Filter

The Quick Filter allows you to filter the grid by email subject. As you type the emails start to filtered. In the attachments view you can filter by the attachment name.

Show Filter

There are several filters within the Show Filter, giving you the ability to filter emails, this includes Workspaces, users and email addresses, etc.

Attach Item(s)

The attach items option within the message ribbon is like a shopping cart allowing you to attach multiple emails, attachments and man- aged documents to an email.

  • Within the new email, click Attach Item from the ribbon menu
  • Select Attach Item(s)
  • Highlight the folder from your from your tree. Expand the tree to select to a sub- folder
  • Wait for the items to load within the right window
  • Click on the appropriate tab and highlight the required item
  • Click Add to attach the actual file
  • Click Link to attach a KMR link to the item
    (internal emails only)
  • To change the file name, right click on the item and select ‘Rename’
  • To remove the item select the item & click ‘Remove’
  • Click OK to add items to the email

Email Filer 01

When attaching a KMR Link to an email which contains an external email address the following warning will appear allowing you to replace the Link with the actual file.

Syncing Outlook Folders to a Folder

You can setup an filing rule against your Outlook folders. Allowing for management of emails from your mobile devices.

Folder Syncs

  • Click on the Folder Syncs button
  • Select the Outlook folder you wish to apply the filing rule to
  • Click Add
  • Select the folder you wish to file to
  • Click OK

Copying, Moving & Deleting Emails


If an email has been misfiled the email can be copied to another folder.

  • Navigate to the folder which contains the filed emails.
  • Select the emails you wish to copy by highlighting the individual emails within the grid.
  • Right click and select ‘Copy to …’.
  • Select the folder.
  • Click OK.

Email Filer 02

Move & Delete

If you have misfiled an item please go ahead and copy it to the correct location. Then inform the Central Admin if you require item deleted from the incorrect location.

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