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Our 30 Day Free Trial Promise

Is the trial really free?

Yes, the “30 Day Free Trial” is absolutely free and will allow you full access to Knowledgemill Email Filer and all its features. Sign up for your trial.

What do I do if I want to take on Knowledgemill Email Filer after the trial?

Our trusted experts will contact you at the end of your no obligation to buy trial period, to discuss your experience. They will thoroughly take you through the next steps and implementation.

What happens if I don’t want to take on the Knowledgemill Email Filer after the trial?

There is absolutely no obligation to take on the Knowledgemill Email Filer after your trial period has expired. However, if you would like to find out more at a later date, just let us know and we can arrange to contact you at a convenient time.

Setting Up the Knowledgemill Email Filer Trial

What Are the Steps to set up the Knowledgemill Email Filer free trial?

There are three key decisions to be made:

  1. Where would you like Knowledgemill to be installed? On-Premise or as a Cloud solution?
  2. Which group of users are going to be part of the trial?
  3. What workspace or folder structure will be used? Ideally, the structure already being used by the company, which in most cases can be set-up automatically. 

Once these decisions have been made the technical set-up can be completed.  The technical set-up is templated and automated and typically takes up to 2 days although it is sensible to allow 5 days for this activity.

Do I need to install anything?

There is a simple Microsoft Outlook add-in that needs to be installed for each user.

Do you have support, videos or training available?

Yes, there is a quick start guide, a comprehensive training manual. Our friendly support team is on hand for any technical issues via our online portal, by email or phone.

Comprehensive training is given during implementation which usually follows a ‘trainer trainer’ approach.

Using the Knowledgemill Email Filer

How are my emails filed and organised?

Emails can be filed in an existing system (typically an existing DMS being used by the organisation or a CRM system) or can be filed directly to the Knowledgemill environment.

As a customer, you will decide how to organise your business emails. Typically, legal firms use a Client/matter structure, construction firms use project files, Insurance companies often use Broker / Client files, etc. Our trusted experts will work closely with you to decide on what is the best structure for your organisation.

How do I know when an email has been filed?

There are two additional user-friendly columns added to your emails in Outlook, one shows if the email has been filed the other shows where it has been filed.

Will Knowledgemill Filer file emails from my mobile?

Yes, in the same way as emails are filed from your desktop.

Who can see the emails which are filed?

We would use the normal company permissions/authorisation structures. These are usually automated starting with Activity Directory Security Groups with additional permissions being obtained from the company’s central permissions system. If not available, bespoke additional permissions can be set-up manually using Knowledgemill’s administration portal.

Storage, Data and Security

Will Knowledgemill Email Filer reduce my storage costs?

Yes, Knowledgemill Email Filer will reduce your organisation’s storage costs, as it removes duplicates of each email. Each email is securely stored once only. Knowledgemill Email Filer uses have seen a decrease in storage costs. Knowledgemill Email Filer typically stores 1TB for every 15TB of data.

If I use a Cloud solution how do I know where my data is?

Using Knowledgemill Email Filer with 365 means you always know where your email data is and becomes part of your existing back-up and Disaster Recovery procedures.

Should I store my emails in Cloud or On-Premise?

This depends on your company strategy and security standards, both approaches can be completely secure and are available from Knowledgemill.

Is Knowledgemill Email Filer Secure?

Knowledgemill Email Filer is completely secure, as it sits behind your existing security set-up. We ensure we comply with a company’s IT security standards and Information security standards.

Is Knowledgemill Compliant with Data Protection regulations?

Our trusted technical experts work to ensure Knowledgemill Email Filer complies with all data protection regulations, including GDPR. This is ensured during system set-up with further compliance with the company’s IT and Information security standards.

Who can see my file emails?

Only authorised staff. Security permissions are agreed before set-up and can be set to individual user level.

How do you set up controls around access?

Security permissions are agreed before set-up and can be set to individual user level. Active Directory groups are usually used as a starting point with additional permissions being obtained automatically from your system of authentication or by manually setting up in the Knowledgemill Email Filer administration portal.

What happens to the organisation's historical email data?

Historic email data can be migrated from its current location (e.g. Public Folders, Outlook folders, .pst files, etc.) to Knowledgemill. This is an automated process that will de-duplicate, index and compress the historic email data taking advantage of the 1:15 reduction in storage requirement, creating a central repository of organised email data which can be used to support your business operation.


Does Knowledgemill Email Filer integrate with other software systems?

Most clients have additional requirements to integrate with additional software systems. Knowledgemill Email Filer has an open web services architecture and can be integrated with any system that has published APIs, e.g. Salesforce, SharePoint, OpenText, Sage, IRIS, etc.

Is Knowledgemill Email Filer available on Mobile?

Yes. A user-friendly mobile solution is available for iOS, iPad and Android and works in a similar way to the desktop version.

What are the requirements for Knowledgemill Email Filer?

Knowledgemill Email Filer works closely with Microsoft products (e.g. Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, etc.) and is compatible with any system currently being supported by Microsoft.

General Questions

How do I know what my folder structure should be?

The folder structure required is usually dependent on your type of business, examples are:

  • Legal firms typically have a top-level folder of Client and subfolders relating to each type of Client matter, e.g. Conveyancing, Wills, etc.
  • Insurance firms would often have a top-level folder of Broker and sub-folders for each client.
  • Claims handling firms/business units would have a top-level folder of Claims Case and sub-folders for each specific claim
  • Construction firms would often have top-level as Project and sub-folders relating to the main contractor, consultants, suppliers, Drawings, etc.
  • Insurance brokers would have top-level folders of Client and subfolders of insurer/underwriter.

Our experienced trusted experts will assist you in this process to ensure the most appropriate folder structure is chosen as part of the standard set-up process.

How is Knowledgemill filing different to Outlook Rules or a rules-based filer?

Our unique self-learning algorithms ensure that Knowledgemill Email Filer files organisations emails 100%. Rule-based email filing system (everything else) cannot because it’s impossible to set-up enough rules to ensure email filing is 100%.

We already have an existing Document Management System (DMS), why do I need Knowledgemill Email Filer?

Knowledgemill can be added to your existing DMS, removing the need to manually file most emails. There are standard connectors for SharePoint, Net Documents, OpenText and a new connector typically take up to 4 weeks to implement. 

Up to 80% of emails will be automatically filed, all emails will be filed ensuring there is a complete up-to-date record of customer/supplier correspondence.

Once Knowledgemill is added to a DMS up to 80% of the DMS content will be automatically filed.

It has been found that over 80% of the contents of existing document management systems are emails which have been manually filed and because they are manually filed they are often not kept up-to-date. 

What if we do not want to use an Oracle Database?

This is embedded in Knowledgemill Email Filer. It is self-managing, supported and is included in the price.


Is it difficult to change to Knowledgemill Email Filer?

Knowledgemill Email Filer is quick to set-up through a simple extension for Outlook. It is quick to learn and easy to user interface ensures seamless implementation for users. Relax knowing Knowledgemill Email Filer will Improve your employee’s productivity and enhance client service by intelligently automating the storage of all internal and external emails and documents into one unified set of shareable workspaces whilst being confident that you are complying with the latest corporate regulations.

I am happy with my current set-up, why should I move to KM?

We have been amazed by how much time is lost or wasted by staff simply looking for emails or attachments; whether because they are trying to find a needle in a haystack or the email you need is in somebody else’s mailbox.  Poor email management creates lost opportunities, lowers productivity and opens a company to undue risk (e.g. compliance). It has been reported that the average worker spends an estimated 28% of their workweek managing email.*

For a minimum cost, you can increase employee productivity by implementing Knowledgemill Email Filer across your organisation. Knowledgemill Email Filer clients on average have reported individual users saving up to 2 hours a day managing emails.

Knowledgemill connects the right email content with the right people by bringing your entire organisation’s email communication together, organised by client, project, team or whatever makes sense for your business.

On average, 4 out of 5 emails are automatically filed without any interruption to your staff or without ever having to leave Outlook.  Once filed, every email is intelligently indexed to ensure it is at your fingertips in seconds. Knowledgemill Email Filer also fully integrates with document management, CRM, practice management and other 3rd party solutions to ensure users do not need to be constantly switching between apps.

What doesn’t make sense?

How long, and how much time, to implement Knowledgemill?

A standard implementation of Knowledgemill Email Filer across an organisation is typically 1-day technical set-up and 1-day to set-up the folder structure and configure user permissions.

Implementation of Knowledgemill Email Filer ensures no downtime or disruption to your organisation. 

There is a standard charge for this activity. Often a standard connector is used to extract an existing company folder structure from a DMS, CRM or processing system.

Other implementation considerations:

  • Migration of existing / archived emails – There is a whole range of tools that are used to load existing emails into Knowledgemill. The time needed for this task is dictated by the number of emails and the number of users that have emails to migrate.
  • Integration with other systems. There are many standard connectors which include, Salesforce, SharePoint, IRIS, Sage, Aderant, etc. Where a new connector is required it takes about a week to develop (allow 4 weeks in total for development and testing).

*In 2012, McKinsey warned that the average interaction worker spends an estimated 28% of their workweek managing email.

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