Relax knowing all emails and documents are filed centrally in a structured and secure way which are easy to search, find and retrieve within seconds from your Outlook window.
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The system has a flexible security model that allows organisations to control who sees folders, emails and documents while determining independently who can create, rename or delete folders, emails and documents. In addition, Knowledgemill supports the concept of ‘deny’ access for organisations who need to rigorously enforce ethical walls and information barriers.

Users and groups can be synchronised from an LDAP Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365 or managed independently within the Knowledgemill System. A fully documented API is also available for integration with any other security provider, such as a third party Information Barrier product.

Knowledgemill folders can be secured automatically, as they are created, if the relevant security information is available from the source (ERP, PMS, CRM) system feeding into Knowledgemill. End users can also be granted rights to manage permissions on specific Knowledgemill folders that they own, rather than having to defer to IT every time they want to make a change.

Key security features

Simple integration when needed

Integration with common directories as a source of Users and Groups. Or of course, use the in-built Manager web application to manage users and groups directly in Knowledgemill.

Automatic sign-on

No need to remember passwords. Kerberos Authentication is used to authorise user access to the Knowledgemill system.

Encrypted communications

All data on the network is encrypted using SSL, this includes end-user applications-to-server, and server-to-server network traffic.

Role based security

Comprehensive role based security model, including 'System Manager' role that allows your administrators to configure system settings and manage permissions without needing to have access to the underlying emails and documents stored in the system.

Granular security model

Straighforward to setup but with the ability to set fine grained access control on folders and individual items.

Delegated filing

A user with delegated access to another user’s email in Outlook can also file email into Knowledgemill on behalf of that user.

Full audit

The Knowledgemill auditing model means that all actions within the system are logged so you can always report on who has been doing what to which folders or items.

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