Knowledgemill and future trends

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Knowledgemill and future trends

Every conversation I have and every meeting I attend of late is dominated by ChatGPT and generative AI but the challenges for IT leaders remain the same – How do I embrace the latest technology trends to the benefit of my organisation with a limited amount of time, people, and money?

There are several exciting technology trends that may benefit your organisation, including:

  • Democratized generative AI – ChatGPT is being talked about most widely, although Microsoft CoPilot is seeing strong demand.
  • AI Trust, Risk, and Security management
  • Continuous threat exposure management
  • Industry Cloud Platform
  • AI-Augmented development
  • Intelligent Applications

These trends may seem to emerge suddenly, but for someone like me, having been in the technology industry for a great number of years, I can see that they are a natural progression and extension of previous technology capabilities.

As IT professionals, whilst we try to work out which of these technologies will help our own organisation, we still need to keep the lights on and process the company’s business transactions while keeping IT costs within an acceptable percentage of revenue, and as such cost control will always be a key constraint.

Personally, the area I find most exciting is the use of natural language (NL) as a user interface. Clearly, there are advantages and disadvantages to using a natural language interface, but, in my mind, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. At last, users can use machines (computers) in their own language and in the way they want to work.

Natural language is a powerful tool for customer service, as it reduces the need for human agents, speeds up the resolution of queries, and can be easily integrated into existing systems. However, natural language also has some drawbacks, such as the possibility of misunderstanding, increased typing effort, or lack of contextual awareness and consistency.

I believe the drawbacks are negligible compared to the benefits of a proper implementation. If you use your own organisation’s data sets instead of public ones and if you train your staff well on how to provide context to their searches, the results are extremely good.

We have been experimenting with this technology for some time and, if the 80:20 rule is applied (use the human brain for 20% of the time and automate the 80%) and your own business data sources are used to train the NL model the results are amazing.

At Knowledgemill we have helped clients including legal firms, construction, accounting, government, and professional services to streamline their email workflows and improve their productivity. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each sector, and we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.

We would be pleased to demonstrate/discuss how Knowledgemill works with your existing systems and how it could help your organisation.  Go to to find out more.

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