The organisational risk of working in email silos and how to fix it!

The organisational risk of working in email silos and how to fix it!

Many businesses have a culture of operating in email silos with emails only accessible by one staff member’s Inbox or one department. This email isolation from the rest of the organisation can cause many issues for the organisation.

Working in email silos threatens the accuracy of your data and increases organisational risk. Scattered and unstructured data increases the chance of using out-of-date or incorrect information. An incomplete view of the business in this way can mean management decision-making becomes harder or increases the risk of poor decision-making. Outward facing, it can easily lead to bad client experience because of the difficulty establishing the full picture when communicating with them.

Silo working also slows the pace of the organisation with everything taking longer. It creates a less collaborative environment and it is very hard to find the right information quickly, resulting in an enormous amount of time wasted searching and retrieving information embedded in emails. A lack of up to date technology across the organisation can also prohibit email data passing easily between departments or staff. Companies need high quality applications that can handle quick transfer of information.

Company growth itself can be restrained because of the over complexity of maintaining all the email data silos, together with maintaining those silos when staff leave.  An organisation can end up adding more and more staff to manage the consequence of data silos instead of being able to focus on growing the organisation.   A significant amount of storage space is wasted through duplication this can be as much as 90% wasted email data space.

Adopting Knowledgemill Email Manager can solve all these issues. Knowledgemill removes email silos to create a single centrally managed database of emails. By migrating all emails from all silos (and removing duplications) to the central database this can then be linked to all email Inboxes and kept up-to-date in real time.

Knowledgemill provides an intelligent machine learning email filing system that works seamlessly as part of Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 or Exchange) and integrates with the document management system of your choice or the native Knowledgemill DMS.  It also provides a full filing capability for iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

At Knowledgemill we have been working with many organisations to solve their operational email management problems, Legal firms, construction firms, accounting firms or professional services organisations. Please click on the link to find out more.  I would be pleased to demonstrate/discuss how Knowledgemill can help your business, explain the system in more detail and show how Knowledgemill could help your organisation. 

Kevin has been successfully delivering technology solutions to companies for over 30 years both on the buying and selling side of a number of blue chip organisations, e.g. with Deloitte or as a CIO/COO.

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