Knowledgemill Email Archiving solution for OpenText Content Server, Info Archive, Documentum and Core Content

Knowledgemill Email

Knowledgemill Email Archiving solution for OpenText Content Server, Info Archive, Documentum and Core Content

We have recently seen strong demand for a rules-based email archiving solution from some European governments. The demand we have seen has, in large part, how to comply with the Open Government Data regulation requirement? Specifically, identifying and capturing only those emails that need to be kept in an environment where there are increased volumes of messages being processed everyday by 1000s of staff. Poorly managed email represents a significant risk and potential liability, substantial costs and risks correlate directly to the volume of content retained. The issue, however, is no longer about curbing the cost of storing email, but is in minimizing the risk associated with keeping it.

The unchecked growth of electronically stored email information is clearly unsustainable and, as more information is being generated, the greater the cost and risk incurred during the litigation and other e-discovery processes (e.g. Freedom of Information requests). Companies must resolve two fundamental email challenges: 1) Automate and safeguard the disposal of unimportant and low-value email; 2) Capture and retain business-value and intended email records.

The Knowledge mill Email Archiving solution can resolve all these business and regulatory issues.  The solution:

  • is designed to assist organizations identify and capture only the emails that are required to be kept.
  • is a server-side process which automatically replicates mailboxes into OpenText Content Server, Info Archive, Documentum or Core Content, enabling full search and discovery.
  • adopts a rules-based approach (i.e. archiving can be configured to start immediately, when an email reaches a certain age and/or archive specific email folders only).
  • includes an auto-deletion capability against mailboxes.
  • is compatible with on-premise Exchange and Office 365.
  • integrates with Active Directory or 365 authentication.
  • can be installed as an on-premises, hybrid or cloud solution.

At we have been working with many organisations – in sectors including Legal, Construction, Accounting, Government and Professional Services – to solve their operational email management problems.

Click on the link to find out more.  We would be pleased to discuss / demonstrate how Knowledgemill works with your existing systems and how it could help you.

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